Rules for the "Fantasy Invest" game

The basic principle is – no entry fees required, no prizes given out.

"Fantasy Invest" is an entertainment game only designed with the aim of having fun and pleasure. There are neither money prizes nor any other material rewards offered by the "Fantasy Invest" App.

Daily Games:

1. A user enters the game before it starts and composes a 5-company portfolio. He/she can change his/her preferences concerning chosen companies before the game launch.

2. The game gets started at the moment of the NASDAQ trades opening and continues until the stock exchange closes (from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., EST) within the same day.

3. A user gets his/her points depending on the stocks dynamic of the chosen companies and stock percentage changes during the day.

4. The percentage is calculated by determining the proportion between the stock price fixed at the moment of the NASDAQ trade opening and the price displayed at the end of the trade day.

5. Points gained for each company in the portfolio are put together in a final score. The user who gets the highest score is the winner of the game at that day.

All points collected by users in daily games are exposed in a pivot rating table based on which users get their gamer rates in a top-list.

The App doesn't distribute prizes.

The participant is proposed just to have fun and enjoy the game.

Apple Inc. and other companies are not sponsors of the App and they also do not associate to its development and release.